mercredi 10 février 2010

A new age

After several months in a crapy mission with self absorbed people, I'm glad to have this new start in a new Silverlight 3 project. This might sound dumb, but it's so releaving to see that the people you're dealing with are more into their job and more interested into going forward than in their ego and doing everything to look better than anyone, while they actually suck !

I'm creating styles for SL3 controls, and probably will turn to creating custom controls. It's really exciting to work on new stuff, pull your hair out to fix and solve things ! the work load and late hours don't matter anymore, you're into it and glad to be ! It feels alive !

I've been making a mistake thinking i don't need Expression Blend, but it turned out to be a very interesting and powerful tool, not meant only for designers, but also for developpers.

I'll try and post new things about styles in SL within the next weeks.

This is only the start, and hopefully this will last for very long !

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